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Witness Protection in Hell


The Tide - A Dark Fantasy Horror Thriller

The tides of the Great Mar bring with them an ancient evil. For centuries the Marsguards' Treaty has kept safe those living around the shores of the Mar.

The Marsguard of each Duchy, hereditary custodians of the signal towers that ring the coast and the high walled defences that protect the coastal cities of the great lake, hold each other to an uneasy truce.

South of the Mar, the lands have been turned into a wasteland as its past rulers, refusing to join the Treaty, drained the marshes and damned the waterways to protect them from the evils carried with the tide.

The people of the Mar thought they were safe behind their high walls, but the new threat comes not from the water but out of the desert wasteland. A new king has emerged. Neighbouring countries have fallen before his armies as his empire spreads. The men of conquered nations swell his ranks. His spy network knows the Marsguards' every move. All attempts to negotiate have failed.

Three Duchy citizens in witness protection are caught up in the tempest of change in a race against time and tide.


Trailer from the Kickstarter for the Debut Hardback Edition.





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